Custom development
to fit your requirements
and adapt to business changes


A powerful platform
to build complex solutions


To evolve with
your requirements
and future needs

We can make an application to fit your exact requirements.

We can help you build mission-critical and complex applications that address your unique business requirements and bring individualized process innovation to market. Become a true leader in your industry by continually transforming your offerings and improving performance using a custom developed solution.

Web Applications

To make either applications for internal use (intranets or corporative ERP) or public portals to interact with your clients and providers.

Windows Applications

Desktop applications to use local clients, ideal when dealing with disconnected scenarios or using client devices.

Cloud Applications

Distributed solutions to interact with several client devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones) storing all data in the cloud.



If you need an application for a huge number of concurrent users, to manage a relevant quantity of data, perform a lot of operations per day and your current software is stucked on the way, we can help you. Our applications are designed to face all this features and to support the growing of your business to the next level.

Early demos

We use an agile methodology that empowers communication with clients, simple and clean designs, early delivery and implementation of suggested changes, and feedback given on Day 1 of software testing


This is the 'custom' from Custom Development: We are close to the requirements so we can cover every special need and provide all the adjustments that you have specified. Your applicaction is made to your liking. You change your specifications over time? No problem, our solutions can be modified significatively even in production to adapt to your future needs.

Emergency development

If you have a close deadline and your project is stuck we can help you. If you have to develope a big functionality in no time at all contact us. We are specialized in 'emergency development', creating full solutions from scratch and migrating huge size of data from old systems in short time scenarios.

Serious About Code Reuse

All our applications are built using Signum Framework, our own platform, to build solid, complex solutions over cutting edge technology. Signum Framework is a free, open source tool that help developers designing and developing high quality applications minimizing the effort.

This tool not only allows us to develop entire solutions in short-time, but also provides tested benefits for end users while integrates full-featured modules of functionality.

In this way all our applications include functionality by default like full-customizable search over all data in the system, data validation to ensure integrity and control panels to check the state of critical processes at once.

On the technical side using Signum Framework ensures that our applications can afford and respond perfectly even in complex scenarios like huge databases, disconnected clients and clustered and distributed servers.


Lines of code




Avg Commits per Week


Automated tests

Top framework features


With the built-in tracking features from Signum Framework, every operation of the users is recorded in the system. All the historic steps logged are one-click-away form the entity, so its really easy to realize why data is in its actual state and who is responsible of that.

Search Engine

Look for the data you want with the terms that you want. You can look for the field that you want, wit no limitations, for all the entities of the application. Design your own queries filtering by the conditions that you want and get the results in real-time. Let the users to save their most-common queries to reuse it in their daily work. Export the results of your searching to Microsoft Excel© wiht one click.


Do you have an application with users from all around the world? No problem, you can translate your data and the interfaces with the help of automated systems. Let everybody watch the information in their own language to make your business grow through countries.

Data Validation

Integrated validation avoids entering invalid data by mistake. Entities with mandatory fields will not be saved until correctly fulfilled. Values with a certain formatting or max/min limits are checked by the system as well. The user will see the warning in the interface to correct data, allowing saving data after that. Forget incomplete data or partially fulfilled forms.

Data Relationship

All the entities are linked to their related data. Jump easily from the customer to the order, from the order to the product, from the product to the supplier, and get a list of all the payments we have made to him. The links are in the data, just follow them and grow your productivity.

Top extensions features

Roles & Authorization

Manage permissions for your application using user roles. Allow certain users to see what you want, let sales people to access the customers data but not the accounting information. Allow staff to watch all info from their own department but nothing else. You define the security and permissions of your application at the measure of your own business.

Real-Time analysis

Implementing built-in analysis capabilities from Signum Framework, your application can perform real-time analysis of your live data, without OLAP cubes, complex Business Intelligence tools or limited-to-previous-data reports. You can get datasheets and charts of almost everyting: you define your queries and you get your reports. Keeping it simple.

Background Processes

Most complex task can be automatized. Heavy workloads can be scheduled and managed by the application on the background, reducing the work to be carried out by the people. Let the computers do the work of your staff and allow them to focus in the business.

SMS Integration

We can integrate easily SMS features in your application. Send your customers a message when their goods are shipped and make sure your crew is notified when a critical-process is stucked, even after-hours when there is nobody in the office to check the status.

Email Integration

We can integrate email functionality in your application on an easy way. Send emails to your customers when they finish a purchase or attach the documents in an email automatically when you run certain process. Even more, create and personalize your own email templates and send automated emails in different languages depending on the receiver. Add a newsletter module to yur application to stay connected with your customers with no effort.


Integrate scheduling in your application to plan the important events. Let the users to look up their own calendar to watch the upcoming events, deadlines and programmed meetings. Put time-alerts in all the entities you want to be sure the staff is warned in advance to the deadline.

Top business features

Documents Integration

Add document management capabilities to your application. Classify automatically documents received by email, fax or scanners. Attach documents to your data and let be available for the users that need it. Forget looking for an attachment among piles of emails.


Export your data to Microsoft Excel© and create Microsoft Word© documents from your entities. Create and manage your own report templates easily with Microsoft Office 2007© or greater and send huge quantities of documents to the printers with automated mailing processes.

Tasks & Planning

Organize your projects and processes creating and planning tasks. Designate the people that works or is involved in a task, the estimated time and the documents related to it. The messages related to the task are automatically linked and easily accessible from it. Let the system to schedule the tasks depending on current and planned workloads, and send warns when deadlines are close for critical tasks.

Payments & Charges

Integrate in your application a payment platform for your clients using credit cards or Paypal, send charges to your bank with automated process, manage the payments to your suppliers and control the balance of your cost centers without effort.

Project Traceability and Monitoring

All implementation process, from requirements and design to installation and release, are managed with a custom version of Collaboration, our own product for projects management, sharing resources and task planning.

With this tool all the requirements and specifications are traced, not only initial requirements but also all additional needs and modifications that arise during implementation of the application.

We also use it to track all the tasks of the projects, so at every moment you can see the amount of tasks and features that are completed, the actual workload and the planned works to do, all integrated in one simple solution and updated in real time.

We are very concerned by what your business really needs. That is why we carry out an in-depth analysis of the specifications during the stage of taking requirements.

After discovering all the requisites for the application we'll write down in our tracking platform. So you can check it whenever you want, make any sugestion and authorize or deny the modifications. All this in real time, watching every impact and deviation on the workload of your project.

Is this your case?

Maybe you can recognize one of the scenarios below as your current situation. If your situation is like one of the following cases we can help you. These are the most common scenarios in software development and they are repeated continuously when performing large projects without enough preparation and experience. Here are some of our solutions to this common mistakes.

Delayed project?

In spite of the original planification of the project, development works are bogged down and there is not hope to finish in time for the launch date.

Maybe there's still a ray of hope.

Surely the code developed at present has no fix, but we have experience building entire functional solutions from scratch in short-time scenarios.

Missing Functionality?

Although visual components look pretty well, there are features that don't work as requested or even functionality not present.

Keep requirements under control.

Since the start we'll know what your requisites are and we'll test it continuously to ensure it works as expected.

Hard to change?

Due to the way the application is developed every change and modification results in lots of time and effort to implement, even for the smallest ones.

Our solutions are adaptative: change your requisites when you need it!

Our flexible architecture allows to introduce all the changes you want when you need it.

No control over development?

So you don't know what the inital requirements was, the changes on specifications and planning and deviation of estimated time.

Control your project in real time.

We believe that you must be in control of your project. With our custom version of Collaboration, you'll see and authorize all the planned tasks, check estimated times and the workload of your project.