To cover the unforeseen

With our Support and Escalation service you have the peace of mind of knowing that your IT crew or your staff will receive the support when you need it. We offer support over either Signum Framework and any of our own products.

Support and Escalation for IT Departments

We provide a service to escalate the issues and questions for your IT crew over Signum Framework or any of our own products.

When IT department find an issue while developing an application built with Signum Framework as well as maintaining one of our own products, you request support to solve it. The answer will be attended by our support personnel, who will resolve it or assign it to an escalation team to ensure your question is answered as soon as possible.

Support for End Users

To improve the overall productivity and satisfaction of end users, we provide a responsive, seamlesss and high quality end user support services for all our own products.

With this service when the end user is stucked you can receive help from our staff, that will solve their doubts and guide you through the steps to follow to complete their work.

Hour Packages

We have a range of packages available for the support and escalation service so you can find the quantity that cover your needes, with no permanency commitment.

Select the package that you want and begin to use our support service. If the existing packages don't cover your needs we can design a custom package that fits your requirements (for example, emergency and after-hours support, weekends, specific response times, etc.).

Escalation and Tracking

For the input, tracking and escalation of the issues our support department uses a version of our own product Collaboration.

With this tool not only our staff and escalation team can focus on solving the issues and answering the questions instead of managing tickets and emails, but also the clients can watch in real time the evolution of their questions.